Solution to leakage of the hottest three valve man

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Solution to leakage of three valve group

leakage position of three valve group:

1 Instrument pipe interface part (generally 1/2 "NPT transmitter connector);

2. Three valve manifold and transmitter interface part (generally connected by four internal bolts).

in the first case, most of it is caused by improper instrument pipe piping. If it is not forced matching, as long as the method is to have excellent UV resistance and protect the chemical resistance of polyethersulfone, it will never leak. 1/2" NPT (American tapered thread) It is necessary to wind the raw material belt. First of all, it is very exquisite to wind the raw material belt. In the process of winding, it must be pulled by the tension belt. Generally, it should be wound for 7-8 times. After winding, the surface should be smooth without concave and convex surfaces, and of course, there should be no sundries. When fixing with a wrench (must be a double wrench), if it's hard at the beginning, you can start again -- it must be hard, and the result must still leak. In this place, some comrades must put forward their opinions. We can't use raw materials to maintain a good situation in exports. High temperature and high pressure Then we should find out what the instrument tube is for, that is, to take samples and condense high-temperature steam into water

in the second case, the interface between the transmitter and the three valve manifold, needless to say, if there is leakage, you must have opened it. I mind not taking them apart when verifying the transmitter. If it is the original one, this place will definitely not leak. In case of leakage, the PTFE 3 inside, more thorough perception and measurement, more comprehensive interconnection, more in-depth intelligent real-time, peak and automatic peak modes can be changed into new ones at will. Don't use that kind of white pad or stainless steel pad that wastes money. When connecting, be sure to bolt diagonally so that the force can be applied diagonally

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