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Tunnel video detection system solution

1, system overview

1.1 system composition

tunnel video detection system is mainly composed of three parts: information acquisition subsystem, information processing subsystem, information release and guidance control subsystem (provided by the monitoring and processing center), which jointly complete the collection, transmission, processing, display and release of traffic flow information. The composition of the system is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 overall structure of tunnel video detection system

1.1.1 information acquisition subsystem

main equipment: video camera

main task: all-weather shooting of vehicle flow running images within the detection range

1.1.2 information processing subsystem 2 is the in-depth implementation of intelligent manufacturing

main equipment:

1) video processor

2) video detection upper end software

main task:

1) image processing

2) acquire and process real-time traffic flow operation parameters

3) transmit images with virtual detection coils, so that managers can monitor the operation of traffic flow

1.1.3 information release and guidance control subsystem (provided by the monitoring and processing center)

main equipment:

1) variable information board

2) electronic speed limit sign

3) entrance control equipment

main task: to provide drivers and tunnel managers with information such as events, crowding, speed, service level

1.2 system detection information flow chart

the transmission process of the entire video detection information is shown in Figure 2. After the traffic flow operating parameters, vehicle types, events, congestion, images and other information obtained by the video detection system are transmitted to the tunnel monitoring and processing center by the video camera, the monitoring and processing center will analyze these data to realize the following management functions:

(1) accept the events and congestion warnings sent by the video detection information, and further confirm whether the event occurred and its location through video images or closed-circuit television images Severity, etc., and then take corresponding emergency rescue or treatment measures

(2) the dynamic video image of the monitoring screen monitors the traffic flow on each road section

(3) release the flow, speed, events, congestion and other information obtained from video detection to the driver through the variable information board

(4) control the working process of the video detection system by changing the setting parameters of the video detection system

1.3 scope of work

install video inspection within the tunnel and test after the set value is increased (if peeling or tearing and other similar experiments are carried out, cancel the front hook detection camera (shared with the closed-circuit television system), and carry out real-time detection and monitoring of the traffic flow operation of each lane in the tunnel. This project includes the production, transportation, installation, commissioning, trial operation and defect period operation of the following equipment of the video detection system:

(1) video detection camera

(2) multiplex video optical transceiver

(3) video detection video processor

(4) video processor cabinet: it can be customized, Number to be determined

(5) required power cables and signal cables (including the laying and connection of cables and cables from roadside handholes to equipment)

(6) there is no provision in the specification, but for the materials and work necessary to complete the project

2. Clamping is more important; Installation of the system

the installation of the entire video detection system mainly includes the installation of cameras, video processors and video detection upper software

2.1 installation of video camera

2.1.1 layout plan

the installation position of video camera is shown in Figure 3 (omitted) and Figure 4 (omitted). The camera is facing in the opposite direction of the traffic flow

2.1.2 site installation drawing

when selecting the installation position of the video camera, it should ensure that the line of sight of the camera is not blocked by obstacles and there is sufficient detection sight distance. In a comprehensive comparison, the video camera should be set in the center of the tunnel arch wall, and its installation position is shown in Figure 5

2.1.3 detection range diagram

when the installation height is certain (depending on the specific situation), the detection range of the video camera is within 150 meters (as shown in Figure 6)

Figure 5 video camera site installation location figure

Figure 6 video camera detection range

2.2 video processor installation

corresponds to each video detection camera, and the entire video detection system needs ×× Video processors (as appropriate). All video processors are placed in the external insulation system of thin plastered external wall with organic foam board and the external insulation system of external wall with polystyrene board large mold, which are often used in tunnel monitoring and processing. The main body of the material itself is the center of flammable material, which is responsible for processing the images transmitted by the camera. Due to the large number of video processors, the monitoring and processing center needs a special cabinet to place the video processors uniformly

2.3 installation of video detection upper software


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